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Imagine a world where window treatments anticipate your needs and adjust themselves automatically, creating the perfect room ambiance morn
Silhouette® Window Shadings

They may be soft and beautiful at first glance, but the Silhouette® window shadings aren't shy about taming harsh sunbeams and filtering every last one of them into shape.The shading is made of sheer front and back facings with fabric vanes suspended between them. Open the fabric vanes and watch your room fill with a warm, brilliant glow. Close them and the light becomes more subdued. Tilt the fabric vanes anywhere in between and you can treat yourself to any level of illumination you desire. An impressive range of light control options is just the first of many benefits you'll appreciate as you get acquainted with this unique window fashion. Silhouette window shadings also strike a balance between beauty and practicality. Its innovative design combines the most sought-after qualities of the drape and the blind. The result is a refined, graceful window fashion with a durable side that defies the laws of wear and tear. And discrete privacy? Of course! It's another impressive quality that Silhouette window shadings has to offer.

If traditional drapes just aren't your style and conventional window shades seem a bit tame, you're the perfect candidate for Vignette® window shadings. In an impressive display of beauty and function, Vignette shadings use soft, overlapping fabric folds to turn an ordinary room into a space worthy of high praise. Because the fabric is specially designed to keep its shape, you'll enjoy the refined appearance for the life of your Vignette shading.
There are a variety of eye-pleasing fabrics, including Jacquard, Oxford, and Seersucker. The fabrics are also available in cut yardage so you can accessorize your room accordingly. Vignette shadings are available in a range of colors from subdued classics to vibrant, contemporary hues. Each shading comes complete with a neutral fabric backing for a uniform exterior appearance. If you're interested in the nuts and bolts (or more specifically, the clutches and cord loops), you'll delight in knowing Vignette shadings are solid from top to bottom. In the fully raised position, the fabric is concealed neatly behind the curved headrail for a cleaner, more streamlined appearance
Window Shadings
Pirouette® Window Shadings

With Pirouette® )window shadings, the look and feel of a traditional fabric shade is improved: the gentle pull of cord a cord let's you change a room's lighting in a whole new way. Soft, horizontal fabric vanes expand to filter natural light, or contract to give you a perfect outside view. The revolutionary Invisi-Lift™ system allows the vanes to float gracefully, and even opened they offer UV protection and reduced glare through the sheer backing.